HOW TO MAKE HALO HALO (Filipino Shaved Ice Sundae)

  • Author: Shobelyn Dayrit


HOW TO MAKE HALO HALO (Filipino Shaved Ice Sundae).

Refreshing Filipino snack with shaved ice, evaporated milk and sugar. Top with sweetened beans, Nata De Coco, or any fresh fruits you want.


2 tablespoon beans

2 tablespoons Kaong ([Pine Nut Jelly)

2 tablespoons Nata De Coco

Leche Flan


  • langka/jackfruit
  • Ube Halaya
  • Young cocconut
  • Shaved cantaloupe
  • Watermelon

Shaved Ice

Evaporated Milk

Rice Crispies or Favorite Cereal

Ice Cream


Add theĀ  first 3 ingredients in bowl or glass.

Top it with the shaved ice and add the toppings: Leche Flan, Ice Cream, Rice Crispies, Add more beans, Nata De Coco.

Pour or the desired amount of evaporated milk


There is no rule as to what ingredients you prefer. You can use fresh fruits or preserve fruits.