How to Debone  Whole chicken 

– With the chicken in a prone position, break the thigh bones by grabbing the leg with one hand and holding down the backbone against the chopping board. – Rock the leg back and forth while pushing down on the backbone until the thigh bone breaks off and starts to move freely. Feel where the bone joint is attached and push down on that point 

– With the chicken in a – Using a pair of kitchen scissors snip the bone off the meat. This will create an incision-like opening that will be the starting point for separating the bone structure from the meat. Snip deep enough for the spoon to have a good grab when you start scooping. 

– Use a spoon and with some scooping and cutting motions, work your way between the bone and the meat to separate them. A pair of kitchen scissors may be needed when the spoon wouldn’t cut through.

– Once you feel that the bone has been separated from the meat, slowly pull it out and use the scissors as needed to cut bones or tendons that are still attached to the meat.