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mung beans  monggo

Saucy and Sticky


Sa– 1 cup Mung beans – 3 cups Water or Broth – 1 can 13.66 Fl oz Coconut milk – 1 inch Ginger chopped – 1 medium Onion chopped – 6 cloves Garlic minced – 1 lb Pork Belly slice into cube – 1 tbsp onion powder – 1 tbsp garlic powder – salt and pepper – 1/4 cup oilucy and Sticky

how to cook it

– Push the inner pot in the base and push the sautee button setting. Set the timer for thirty minutes. – Add the oil after three minutes and brown the crushed ginger on all sides for five minutes. – Add the onion. Let them cook until the onion is transparent. Add the garlic and cook for two minutes. Add the pork belly and brown on all sides, or until it changes color. – Add the mung beans. Add the water and coconut milk. – Cancel the sautee setting and cover the pot with the pressure cooker lid. Push the pressure cooker button and set the pressure on HI. Set the timer to eight minutes. – When done, let the pressure release naturally. This takes about thirty minutes.Or when the floating button goes down. – Season with salt and pepper. Season according to your taste. Top the soup with your favorite topping.

so yummy!!

Saucy and Sticky