Instant Pot Baby Back RIbs

Why You'll Love it -Cheap -Juicy -Mea Prep -Easy -Fall off the bone

Ingredients – Gochugaru – Oyster sauce – Soy sauce – Onion Powder/Garlic Powder/ Ground Black Pepper – Canola oil – Slab of Baby Back Ribs

Gochugaru Sauce Baste

– Put the inner Pot in the Instant Base and set the Trivet with the handle up. Pour two cups of water at the bottom of the inner pot. – Put the Baby Back Ribs on the tivet as shown above. You can cut ribs into sections that will fit comfortably in your Instant Pot or stack it on its sides, curving around the inner Pot. – Close the Instant Pot using the pressure cooker lid. Push the pressure cooker setting. Set the pressure to HI and the timer to twenty- five minutes